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The best local SEO company or local seo agency is one that gets you page one rankings on Google.

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You can reach the holy grail of search engine optimization as a business owner which is ranking your website with the Google My Business listing.
This reaches far more customers across a wider market at cheaper prices than any traditional digital marketing.
It is also more targeted, allowing for better, niche-specific content.
Above all, search engine optimization metrics reveal the amount of visitors that reach your website with actual data and reports which shows you precisely how well your money is working for you.
As the best local SEO company, InstantlyRank not only can rank your website in the organic search results and the Google My Business 3-Pack, but we also specialize in perhaps the most valuable type of rankings, Video SEO.
Our specialized team of marketing experts really understands the SEO industry as a whole. And don’t forget, no matter what, you cannot compete in this $20 billion dollar industry without being able to rank your local business videos and websites on page one of Google.
Everyone knows that videos have a much higher CTR, click-through-rate, than website clicks on the SERPs.
This is a real, tangible result for videos because they stand out on the search result pages of Google with a very noticeable YouTube video thumbnail.
YouTube allows you to receive aggressive rankings on Google because of 3 main factors that any best local seo company will know.
First, Google owns YouTube, so Google prefers to rank their own web properties, such as Google+ posts too.
Secondly, YouTube has a vast amount of properties that allow you to properly monetize every video.
Thirdly, the most important factor to ranking any website or video on Google, is to make sure your keyword optimization is done right, set up correctly, and promoted the right way to rank any video.

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