SEO Tutorials for Beginners Step by Step 12 SEO Tips

seo tutorial for beginners step by step

SEO Tutorials for Beginners

SEO Tutorials for Beginners

23 SEO Tutorials for Beginners 

Google SEO Tips for Faster Page One Rankings

  • Format key links as mini-headers [h4-h6]
  • Set up high domain authority profiles
  • Add niche keywords Titles & Headers in different formats
  • Create high domain/page authority back links
  • Add related links to post to open in new tab
  • Add related images with ALT tags [post headers]
  • Add related video embeds with ALT tags
  • Add keywords in necessary sections [“labels”]
  • Always ping every new URL/link you create
  •  Add blog reference link of your money site 2x
  • Create niche relevant content
  • Google spiders need to see your site as real
  • USP: Create a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Stay Relevant & New with Your Content
  • Get Social Buzz
  • Natural Organic Back-links
  • ​Get Social Engagement: +1s, Likes, Follows, & Votes
  • List Element

Top 3 Ways to Rank on Google with Back Links:

1. Using articles

2. Using Back Links

3. Using Videos

Every piece of content about your company adds more value to your brand.Branding is extremely important when it comes to your online reputation and search engine optimization. This eventually snowballs into building authority for your site.It’s called organic precisely because once you’ve cultivated and nurtured your online brand, it will naturally grow and progress by itself.


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